Master program:

  1. Regulations for Courses Selection
  2. Master's Degree Manual of Rehabilitation Science

  3. Study Process Certification Manual

  4.  Application Procedure for Master’s Degree Examination (Thesis Defense Oral Examination)

Required documents for Application of Oral Examination of Master Degree 

(1) Paper copy of degree examination application form (online application in student information system)

(2) System Upload - CMU Graduate Student Academic Ethics Statement (download path: Office of Graduate Student Affairs → Download Forms → E Graduation Related)

(3) System upload - the originality comparison results of the thesis (the comparison system only needs to comply with the school's regulations)

(4) System upload-recommendation letter from supervisor (download path: Office of Graduate Student Affairs → Download Forms → E Graduation Related)

(5) Thesis abstract (Hard Copy) and first edition (Electronic Copy)

(6) Academic Record Transcript (Electronic Copy)

*Reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee of the master's program (please provide it to the department office):

(7) thesis published orally or posters in relevant medical associations, and abstracts included in the conference handbook (Hard Copy)

(8) Study Process Certification Manual

5. Forms required on the day of the oral test (please collect from the department office one week before the oral test):

      (1) Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form 

      (2) Thesis Grading Form

      (3) Receipt

6. Relevant regulations on format of graduate thesis 

7. From Academic Year 2022, the graduate students must complete the application for the final originality comparison of thesis and upload the relevant information in the student information system.

8. Thesis Uploading and Clearance Procedures for Postgraduate Students