Master program:

  1. Regulations for Courses Selection 
  2. Rules & Regulations of the Master Program
  3.  Application Procedure for Master’s Degree Examination and Application Forms Download

   Other forms

      (1) Thesis Proposal Advisor Recommendation Form

      (2) Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form 

      (3) Thesis Grading Form

      (4) Thesis Grading Form (Total Score)

  1.  Required documents for Application of Oral Examination of Master Degree 

      (1)  Postgraduate Students’ Application Form for a Degree Examination (Online

            Application- Student Info System)

        (2)  Academic Ethics Statement (Electronic Copy)

      (3) Result of Thesis Originality Comparison (Electronic Copy) 

      (4) Advisor Recommendation Form (Hard Copy)

      (5) Thesis Abstract (Hard Copy) and First Draft of the Thesis (Electronic Copy) 

        (6) Full Academic Transcript (Electronic Copy)

      (7) Official Abstract for Oral or Poster Presentation of the Thesis in


  1. Thesis Uploading and Clearance Procedures for Postgraduate Students