The Department of Physical Therapy of China Medical University was firstly established as the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine in 1990 and then renamed as the Department of Physical Therapy in 1995. The Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science was established in 2008 in order to further promote research and evidence based practice in the related fields of physical therapy and rehabilitation science. The department now offers both Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree; B.S) and Graduate (Master of Science degree; M.S) programs to eligible local and international students.

Mission Statements 

Undergraduate Program

The missions of our undergraduate program are to nurture students to become qualified physical therapists with proficient theoretical knowledge and practical competency through a focus on academic excellence, professional development, high quality research with community impact.

Master Program

The missions of our graduate program are to nurture students to become excellent evidence based researchers and educators who are able to engage in practical and translational research in order to advance physical therapy related knowledge, practice and community services.

Core Institutional Values

The establishment of our Department of Physical Therapy and Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science was based on the four core institutional values:

  1. Compassion: A strong feeling for sufferings of others and a desire to help
  2. Prudence: Sensible and careful judgment and decisions; acting only after careful thoughts
  3. Diligence: Careful and thorough work or effort
  4. Integrity: The quality of being honest and upright in characters

Core Ability

Undergraduate program

  1. The ability to perform physical therapy screening and assessments
  2. The ability to plan and execute physical therapy interventions
  3. The ability to consult and advice on health promotional strategies
  4. The ability to develop interpersonal and teamwork skills
  5. The ability to develop critical thinking and to conduct evidence based practice
  6. The ability to commit to lifelong learning and aligns with international standards

Master Program

  1. The ability to develop professional physical therapy and rehabilitation related scientific research skills
  2. The ability to develop independent thinking and critical appraisal skills
  3. The ability to develop lifelong learning commitments and evidence based practice skills
  4. The ability to align with international standards and to pursuit professional excellence
  5. The ability to develop teamwork skills and to contribute to community health