Undergraduate Program

Associated Regulations

  1. Educational objectives: To nurture students to become qualified physical therapists with proficient theoretical knowledge and practical competency through a focus on academic excellence, professional development, high quality research with community impact and national health promotion.
  2. For the 2017 academic enrolment, students are required to complete a 4-year course with a minimum of 138 credits comprises of 88 compulsory credits, general education 28 credits, and 22 elective credits.
  3. As per the Institutional guidelines, students are required to complete and pass the approved external English language proficiency assessment for graduation.
  4. Physical education classes are compulsory for 1st and 2nd year students and are a requirement for graduation.
  5. For details of the compulsory and elective courses and other associated regulations for graduation, please refer to the course list information provided above.