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Chairman of Physical Therapy

Message from the Chair

Shih-Heng Sun, PT, EdD

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine was established in 1990 and renamed as Department of Physical Therapy in 1995. In order to advance research in physical therapy and rehabilitation science, Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science was founded in 2008 and merged with Department of Physical Therapy in 2009. The department would not have the development today without the efforts of all the staff and previous chairmen: Dr. Yung-Hsien CHANG, Dr. Horng-Chaung Hsu, Dr. Huei-Ju Wang, Dr. Sheng-Kuang Wu, Dr. Wen-Cheng Chang, and Dr. Shin-Da Lee. The main purpose of the department is to educate professional physical therapists, nurture future researchers and conduct innovational research in rehabilitation science.

Physical therapy is a profession that uses physical agents, manual therapy and movement therapy to recover function and health for individuals who suffer from physical impairment. Physical therapy also maintains and promotes health status for general population. Currently physical therapists provide professional services not only in medical institute but also in community via different delivery mode.

The department is equipped with excellent faculty and research facility. Each year many faculty gain research funding from National Science Council in order to conduct advanced medical research. The results they published on international science journal extend our knowledge in physical therapy evaluation and intervention. The department strives to foster a positive learning and research environment. The curriculum of undergraduate program is designed according to four subspecialties in physical therapy, integrates theory and practical training to nurture professional competence in physical therapy. Additionally, we combine the characteristic of Chinese medicine of China Medical University; integrate the theory in Acupuncture and Chinese Traumatology to develop professional capacity that applies western and Chinese medicine simultaneously.  For the graduate program, the department provides students with a scholarly training and various research paradigms from molecular biology, cell biology, applied physiology and movement behavior science in order to assist our students conducting researches with innovational thinking and reasoning.

The students are encouraged to participate in the research projects of the faculty. Each year, some of the students are able to develop their own research project for NSC and prepare for future academic life.

If you’re interested to become a physical therapist in the future, our department is your best choice. If you want to pursuit academic life, our graduate program will assist you to accomplish your goals and dreams. We welcome you to join us.

Shih-Heng Sun, PT, EdD.
Associate Professor and Chair, 
Department of Physical Therapy and  Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Science
China Medical University.